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How to organise a Cycling Ireland event

Every year, more than 700 Cycling Ireland events are run by the clubs throughout the country, in disciplines as diverse as open road races, leisure/sportive/charity cycles, BMX, mountain biking (cross-country, downhill, marathon), time trial and track events. The event calendar can be accessed here.

A number of documents important to the running of events are linked below, including the event safety code and risk assessment information, as well as forms such as indemnity request forms and one day license request forms. 

Running a safe and enjoyable event requires a huge amount of dedication and time and Cycling Ireland acknowledges the hard work of the volunteers and clubs involved in running events. This page will hopefully provide you with some important tips for running an event, as well as letting you know what you need to do from an insurance perspective.

The first thing to note would be that all events MUST be run with a Cycling Ireland club. Events must be registered by a club official through their club portal. Cycling Ireland cannot endorse or obtain insurance for events which are not run with Cycling Ireland clubs. If you are looking to run an event and are not affiliated with a Cycling Ireland club, you will need to make contact with your local club and see if they would be happy to assist. You can find details of your local club here.

Cycling Ireland clubs are given the opportunity to apply for events in October of the year before the event is due to run (so October 2020 for events to be run in 2021 for example). Events applied for during this time will get priority on dates and routes. New clubs will be able to register events throughout the year, and existing clubs will be able to register new events.

There are certain steps that you need to take before running your event.

1: Decide on a date for the event and a suitable route. This route must be assessed as safe before the event runs.

2: The event organiser must appoint an event safety officer.

3: Contact the local council, An Garda Síochána/the PSNI and arrange first aid cover for your event. First aid cover is mandatory for all events, and the event safety officer will decide on the level of cover neccesary. Any facilities or equipment that you need should also be arranged, for example a local hall to be used as a sign on location.

4: Apply for your event with Cycling Ireland via the online portal. Your club secretary will have access to this and will be able to help. Once your event is applied for it is sent to your provincial co-ordinator for approval. They may approve your event straight away, or request that you make some changes, such as to the date or to the route. 

5: 21 days to 1 month before the event, you should submit your risk assessment to Cycling Ireland. If you are going to need any facilities indemnified or one day licenses, you should apply for these at the same time. Before the event, sign on sheets and one day license sheets should be printed and brought to the event on the day.

6: On the day of the events, all participants should sign on. If people are on one day licenses, they should sign the one day license sheet, whilst other Cycling Ireland members should sign in on the ordinary sign on sheets. It is important that everyone signs in as this is the record of attendance in the event of an insurance claim.

7: After the event, you should submit sign on sheets to Cycling Ireland, and submit any fees due for one day licenses. You should also review the event with your club to analyse what went well and what could be improved upon.

The indemnity request form is used by a club to indemnify a venue that they are using/hired that would not normally be covered under the Cycling Ireland insurance policy. Once an event is authorised a letter of indemnity can be requested through the CI portal under the "Event Preparation" tile. The cost of this letter if €60. It is used for venues and facilities only and not people.

One day licenses are used where people with no Cycling Ireland membership or not an appropriate license type may participate in an event. The cost of a one day license for leisure events is €10/£10. Clubs who would like one day licenses will need to contact Cycling Ireland who will then issue a numbered one day license sheet. This sheet will then be used to sign in the people who will be participating on one day licenses. After the event, the club will submit payment to Cycling Ireland.
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