Foundation in Cycling Coaching

The Foundation in cycling coaching course aims to provide coaches with an introduction to cycling coaching.

Duration and Format: The course consists of a 1-day assessed course, with some requirements pre and post course.  

Course Cost:  €60 or £50 Cycling Ireland Members / €70 or £60 Non Cycling Ireland Members 

To attend the Foundation in Cycling Coaching candidates must:

be over 16 years of age.

Prior to attending the course candidates will be required to do some pre-course workbook activities (roughly 1 hour), done in own time.

During the course you will:

Explore the Roles and Responsibilities the Foundation level coach will assume.

Prepare you as a Foundation level coach to coach children or beginner adult cyclists to develop and progress their cycling skills.

Plan for a safe, effective and positive learning environment for riders.

Consider where and how you might apply your Foundation level coaching skills.

On completion of the course candidates will be required to complete an activity to fulfil the certification criteria for a Foundation in Cycling Coach. This will consist of the following three parts:

A written session plan for a rider(s) on a skill of your choice using the planning sheet provided.

Delivery of the session to the rider(s).

A reflection on a section of the session you would like to further develop and improve in.

On completion of the Foundation Cycling Coaching Course candidates will be:

A qualified Foundation in Cycling Coach
Able to assess and manage risks of coaching and provide a safe environment.
Able to organise, deliver and evaluate a coaching session for children and beginner adult cyclists.
Able to provide activities to progressively develop techniques and skills.
Utilise a range of coaching strategies.

The Foundation in Cycling Coaching Award is equivalent to the Introductory Level Coach stage on the Sport Ireland Coaching Framework in accordance with the Coaching Development Programme for Ireland.

Sprocket Rocket Coach

The Cycling Ireland Sprocket Rocket Coaching Course is aimed at coaches who want to develop their existing knowledge and skills. The knowledge gained from this course will allow coaches to plan and deliver a series of safe and effective Sprocket Rocket Sessions.

Duration and Format: The course consists of a 1-day course. 

Course Cost:  €50 or £40 Cycling Ireland Members / €60 or £50 Non Cycling Ireland Members

To become a Sprocket Rocket Coach, please emails:   

To attend the Sprocket Rocket Coaching Course candidates must:

be over 18 years of age.

The Sprocket Rocket Coach’s Course is a one-day course which is a mix of classroom work and practical outdoor experience. The course is open to anyone and while some cycling or coaching experience is helpful it is not essential.

The course will provide candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively coach and develop the fundamental skills (balance, pedalling, cornering and braking) of cycling.

The course will explore the roles and responsibilities the Sprocket Rocket Coach will assume and prepare candidates as Sprocket Rocket coaches to provide safe and enjoyable Sprocket Rocket sessions.

On successful completion of Sprocket Rocket Coaching Course candidates will be sufficiently skilled to deliver a series of safe and effective Sprocket Rocket Sessions.

The Sprocket Rocket course complements and supports the Cycling Ireland Sprocket Rocket Programme.