Is your club looking to grow it’s female membership? Or is your club looking to provide more opportunities for female cyclists? If so, then we have the programme for you! 

Women on Wheels is a programme aimed at beginner women where cyclists are brought through the various skills and techniques involved in cycling. The focus of the programme is on learning, meeting new people with the group cycle a prominent feature. The programme usually lasts between 4 and 10 weeks in length, this can be flexible depending on the group and availability of the ride leader, with a celebratory spin for the group to finish. Depending on group ability this could be anything between 20k – 50/60k.

What does my club need?

In order to run a Women on Wheels programme you will need a qualified ride leader (s) and they have to be registered as a Cycling Ireland Member. If you don’t have a qualified ride leader within the club, there may be ride leaders within your area (we can look at this for you). We can always look at running a Ride Leader Course if there’s enough interest in your area. 

What next?

If you’re interested or would like to learn more about running this programme, please contact Women in Sport Officer, Elaine Cahill