Top Tips for Winter Bike Prep & Care

1. Nuts and Bolts

Check the headset, cranks, wheel skewers/nuts and mudguards ensuring all nuts and bolts are present and tightened to the correct torque.

2. Tyres

Check for wear and remove any debris embedded in the tyre surface. Inflate to the  correct pressure. If considering treating yourself to puncture resistant tyres with reflective rim now is the time!

3. Brakes 

Disc System: Test for braking pressure and have system bled if necessary.  Check discs for any warping or kinks. 

Calliper System: Inspect brake blocks for wear or debris in surface and replace as required. Centre callipers and adjust for equal braking on both front and rear.

4. Cables 

Inspect inner and outer cables for any fraying, rust or wear. Replacing both ensures smooth efficient braking and shifting. Coated cables provide added protection in winter.

5. Drive Train 

Regular cleaning of chain, cogs and pulley wheels removes road grime and adds to longevity of parts. Use a good degreaser and wash parts with hot water and liquid detergent to remove any degreaser residue. Dry and lube the chain after cleaning. Wet Lube is best for winter conditions.

6. Saddle Kit 

Spare tube, tyre levers, pump, multi-tool & emergency €10 for treating yourself to a coffee or sugar boost.

7. Lights

Light up front and rear with high-vis for added safety in winter. There are many types of lights to choose from but don’t forget lights have a dual purpose: to make the road visible for you and also for you to be seen by other traffic. 

8. Local Bike Shop

Check out your local bike shop for tools, lights, winter kit and of course for providing the expertise of ensuring your bike is safe and road worthy. 

By Dominic A. Price