A survey of the habits, benefits, concerns, safety and opinions of Irish Cyclists 

Bike to Work Ltd. conducted its first survey of the cycling community in Ireland to learn more about the opinions and habits of cyclists today. We wanted to find out just how safe Irish cyclists feel on their daily commute and how many took up cycling as an alternative means of transport during the pandemic? With Ireland now the first EU member state to meet the European Cyclists’ Federation’s (ECF) recommendation of investing at least 10% of the national transport budget in cycling infrastructure, Bike to Work Ltd. wanted to learn more about the current trends in cycling. 

We developed and published a survey online which was then shared with our Bike to Work community by email and through social media channels. We received over 1,380 responses with some surprising results. 

The majority of participants were aged between 35 – 54 years and split 64.1%/35.7% for male / female cyclists. The survey showed that just under 10% of cyclists currently own an E-bike, but over 44% of responders stated they would likely buy an E-bike on their next purchase. Great news for E-bike sellers! 

We also discovered that 18% of the people polled had taken up cycling since the start of the pandemic, highlighting just how popular cycling has become as an alternative means of transport. 

Improved fitness is cited as the top reason for cycling (68.6%), with 58.3% stating they cycle for fun. 65.9% of respondents stated that cycling made them feel happier and 65.5% saying they get a ‘Mood Boost’ and feel more positive after cycling. 

When asked to prioritise their top three benefits of cycling our top responses were 

1. Cycling keeps me fit - 82.8%

2. Cycling helps to clear my head – 73.1% and

3. Cycling gives me a sense of freedom 59.6%.

Our Big Bike to Work 2021 Poll Results are packed full of data on cycling habits, safety, opinions on routing decisions and what would convince cyclists to Bike More and Drive Less.  

‘With the government committed to sustainable transport our poll shows that whilst numbers are returning to or are taking up cycling, to encourage more people to Bike More and Drive Less, more improvements in commuter routes are needed for increased confidence in cycling.’ Iain Cameron, Managing Director, Bike to Work Ltd. 

View the full results here