Taking things off-road
- Spin 11

When we talk about cycling, our brains almost automatically associate it with road cyclists. Even if we don’t personally take part, we know there are many more disciplines out there on two wheels. BMX, Downhill, Enduro.

We have been working with some teams and clubs in the off road scene for quite some time. Constantly getting feedback to help us develop new and improved items so that everyone can enjoy them and just concentrate on getting down those trails. 

We want to give you an insight from some of our customers and let you hear their thoughts on the kit. 

Leah Maunsell - Spin11 Sponsored Athlete

"Having the freedom to customise my own race kit for the past few seasons has been so cool and the process was made so easy thanks to Maria. I've found the jersey to be super breathable and sweat wicking especially on warmer days. The lightweight shorts have been extremely comfortable for all-day pedals and the pockets are really handy -  especially the added discrete zip pocket for valuables. Riding mostly in Ireland, I have found the water resistant material on the jersey sleeves and shorts have saved me big time after being caught out in a few too many rain showers/downpours!!"

Cieran Maunsell - Team Ballyhoura

"The order process was really fast. Spin11 followed the design brief perfectly and we received timely delivery of quality mountain biking kits."


Harry Byrne – TU Dublin

"I love the TUD spin 11 enduro kit. It is a cool color and design. They are well made and breathable. The shorts are comfy, not restricting and leave plenty of space for knee pads. The kit is also durable which is handy for mountain biking as I have crashed multiple times and they still look new."


Thomas Callaghan – TU Dublin

"I've used a lot of mainstream brands for many years and after a year of use, I can honestly say I am seriously impressed with the full Spin11 enduro kit. What stood out to me was the consideration for the needs we have as racers. The difference in material between the body and arms is something I really enjoy. I'm always looking for a jersey that strikes a balance between breathability and protection, so with the jersey offering a nice breathable material on the body and a more protective material on the arms it gives me exactly that. It's just that extra little bit of confidence that if I clip a tree or slide out, I know I have that added bit of protection for my arms. 

Apart from having an abundance of neat pockets to carry all my food and spares, a lot can be said for a pair of light weight and snug pair of shorts that repeatedly handles the finest muck that my local trails of Wicklow has to throw at me."

If your group or club need some MTB or Enduro jerseys and shorts then please get in touch with us today at info@spin11.com or if you’re just after some one off pieces of cool off road kit, follow the link to our store https://spin11.com/shop#!/Spin11-Off-Road-Collection/c/31856728