Covid-19 Return to Training Protocol

Covid-19 is a virus that will continue to circulate in society and while symptoms and severe illness now appear to be less severe due to the impact of vaccinations, medical advice to safeguard long term health and prevent any potential Long Covid complications, is to adopt a gradual return to full intensity physical activity after contracting the virus. 

Most of the Government and HSE guidelines are aimed at the general population. There has not been much specific detail widely published for more active populations. Cycling Irelands’ High Performance Teams have been operating throughout the Pandemic under guidance from Sport Ireland's Institute of Sports Physiologists and Chief Medical Officers who are always considering the latest research and scientific studies on the impact of the virus on athletes. This Team have condensed current ‘Return to Play’ protocols in the attached infographic for our members as a guide on what to do to return to full cycling activities after being diagnosed with the virus. 

Covid-19 might feel like a typical Flu or Cold for some, but its impact on the body's systems is more severe. Please respect it to give yourself every chance of regaining full fitness and avoiding any potential longer term health complications.