Notice of the holding of the 33rd AGM of Cycling Ireland

The board of the Irish Cycling Federation that trades as Cycling Ireland has resolved that the Annual General Meeting of the company as laid out in Articles 25 et al of the constitution of the company shall be held on Saturday 6th November 2021. Should restrictions permit, the meeting will be held in Tralee, Co. Kerry, however full details of the venue & format will be announced in due course. 

The business of the meeting shall be: 

a. To consider the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting or any EGM held in the interim period. 

b. To receive and consider the Board Report annexed to the annual accounts of the Company. 

c. To receive and consider the certified audited financial statements of the Company for the previous year. 

d. To elect members of the Board, subject to the terms of articles 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 and 42. 

e. To fix the rate of annual membership fees for members for the following calendar year. 

f. To appoint Auditors to the Company for the following year. 

g. To transact or to discuss any general business of the Company. Notice, in writing, of motions for discussion shall have been deposited to the registered office of the company addressed to the Company Secretary in accordance with the provisions of Article 27. 

This notice invites, from Affiliated Clubs and Standing Committees, motions for the AGM and nominations, in the prescribed nominations form, for individuals seeking to stand for election to the Board.  Any such proposed motions or nomination as invited pursuant to Article 27a shall be notified to the Company Secretary in writing not less than 50 Clear Days before the date for holding of the AGM.  The final date and time to receive such motions and/or nominations is 4:00pm on 17th September 2021.

A form for nomination persons to be elected to the vacant board positions is available from or directly from Cycling Ireland at the postal address above.

The following vacancies arise on the board of the company:

1. President: Incumbent; Ciaran McKenna retires by rotation

2. Director: Incumbent; Carl Fullerton retires by rotation

3. Director: Incumbent; Ronan McLaughlin retires by rotation

Directors Nominations 2021

90 Day Notice Letter

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