Lisa Walsh of has designed an 8-week programme specifically for Cycling Ireland members. The programme is available free of charge to members on the Training Hub and starts on Wednesday, July 7th with 30-minute sessions delivered weekly to help your performance and enjoyment on the bike. The sessions will be live on the Training Hub from 7am every Wednesday. 

Whether you’re a leisure cyclist or competitive road, off-road or track racer, you will benefit from improved strength and flexibility.

The Training Hub contains 100s of cycling-specific, live and expert training sessions in yoga, pilates, strength and conditioning and more. Access is free for members and Leisure membership starts at just €50.

Activate your account:

Step 1: Become a Member

Step 2: Log in to your Membership Portal

Step 3: Click on the Cycling Ireland Training Hub

Step 4: Activate your Cycling Ireland Training Hub Account

Once you have received the automated email to activate your Training Hub Account you can access workouts at any time through your membership portal.