Cycling Ireland – Young People Survey

Cycling Ireland Youth Commission and Street Games are working together to understand more closely what young people across the island of Ireland think and feel about cycling and how we can encourage more young people to get on their bikes in the future.

To help the researchers to do this we would like to collect some information from you. This is important because if we know what young people like yourself think about cycling, we can use that information to make sure young people have more opportunities to get involved with cycling in the future. We will ask you to answer some questions about you and your current cycling habits and how you feel about cycling. Don’t worry it is not a test and there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers. We just want you to answer the questions honestly.

All personal information about you will be kept confidential. This means that no one apart from the researchers at Street Games and Cycling Ireland will see any of your personal information. We will keep everything you tell us safe, and all the responses are anonymous. Thank you for your time and helping with this research. 

The survey link – Cycling Ireland – Young People Survey

Cycling Ireland would greatly appreciate your support in helping to get the word out there to the young people through your network by contacting individuals, groups or agencies directly, if you can please share the survey link or QR code below on your social channels as well. We will be using the information gathered to draw down future funding to be invested in the design programmes that relate specifically to the young people’s responses.