Cycling Ireland Welcome Support Increase For Cargo Bikes Under Bike To Work Scheme 

Cycling Ireland welcome the increased support for Cargo Bikes as part of a revision of the Bike to Work Scheme announced last week. 

A new higher applicable limit has been introduced that will see the support for Cargo Bike purchasing under the scheme double to €3,000. 

The Bike to Work Scheme aims to encourage the public to cycle to and from work. The initiative allows employees to give part of their salary for a bicycle and/or safety equipment, which should be used primarily for journeying to and from work. The purchase is not taxable benefit-in-kind and can be made in any shop.   

Previously, anyone looking to purchase a Cargo Bike could only avail of the limits which were available for bicycles (€1,250) and electric assist bicycles (€1,500). However, the announcement sees the limit for Cargo Bikes increase to €3,000, whether electrically assisted or regular cargo bikes. 

Cycling Ireland welcome the move and hope that it will encourage a greater use of cargo bikes, which cost substantially more than regular bikes as well as e-bikes.  

Cycling Ireland Chief Executive Matt McKerrow said:  

“The increase in support for cargo bikes under the Bike to Work scheme is welcomed by Cycling Ireland, making cargo bikes more affordable and accessible to the public.” 
“Cargo bikes are considered a more sustainable method of transportation and we believe that with this decision, we’ll see an increase in people on cargo bikes on our roads in the future now that they are more affordable under the scheme.”