Cycling Ireland UCI eSports World Championships Consideration Race 

Cycling Ireland are pleased to release the selection protocol that will be used to select the team for the UCI eSports World Championships in February, with a team set to be confirmed before the UCI's December 8th deadline.  

The final round of the Cycling Ireland eRacing Winter League on December 2nd at 7 pm will be the nominated selection consideration race.  

On the back of the successful Cycling Ireland Zwift Winter League, run in conjunction with RWB, we will be using the final race of the series as one of the three selection considerations noted below.  

1. Past performances on Zwift over the past 4-6 months  

2. Performance in nominated selection consideration race  

3. Power profile suited to the world championship format 

The only difference on race day is that riders that want to be part of Cycling Ireland's UCI eSports Worlds Team selection consideration will be racing for all Primes in the race.  

Points will be scored on all primes and finishing points also being awarded. Only those meeting the required protocols detailed in this document can score FAL points 

For anyone wishing to be considered as part of the selection process, they must race under the following additional requirements as used by all Zwift Racing Athletes in the recent Continental Qualifier events and provide the required evidence on the morning of the event. 

Riders can submit their data up until midday on the 2nd Dec 2022 on a form here.  

Additional Requirements and Evidence 

- Must be a Member of Cycling Ireland 

- Height / Weight verification  

- Must dual record (Provide data within 90mins post event)  

- Must wear Heart Rate Monitor 

Information on the consideration race, protocols and requirements can be found here.  

Contact for more information.