E-Racing Winter League

The Cycling Ireland E-Racing Winter League returns in November for what promises to be a thrilling 6-week competition. 

The league will take place over six weeks with races occurring every Saturday at 10am from 6th November to 11th December 2021. 

Everyone is welcome to take part in the league, with a range of categories from beginner to advanced it’s an ideal opportunity to discover cycling and join a growing online community. Choose to participate and score points in a single race or the entire series. Members holding a 2021 membership will feature in the male and female league standings.

The 2021 Winter edition is made up of all scratch races with the first across the line in each category taking top points. Round 1 starts with a 23km Scratch race on the Casse Pattes course before taking it up a level in Round 2 with a 5-lap, 31.5km race on the Watopia Seaside Sprint course.  

Register for the Cycling Ireland E-Racing Winter League HERE  to appear on the results table. 

Questions can be directed to zwift@cyclingireland.ie

Set up guide and rules available HERE 

2021 Cycling Ireland E-Racing Winter League

Round 1 – Scratch Race

Date: Saturday 6th November @ 10am

Course: France, Casse Pattes, 1 lap, 23km, Elavation 145m

Register: https://www.zwift.com/uk/events/view/2387382

Round 2 – Scratch Race

Date: Saturday 13th November @ 10am

Course: Watopia, Seaside Sprint, 5 laps, 31.5km, Elevation 195m

Round 3 – Scratch Race

Date: Saturday 20th November @ 10am

Course: New York, Everything Bagel, 1 lap, 34.2km, Elevation 525m

Round 4 – Scratch Race

Date: Saturday 27th November @ 10am

Course: Richmond, 2015 UCI Worlds Course Reverse, 2 laps, 32.4km, Elevation 284m

Round 5 – Scratch Race

Date: Saturday 4th December @ 10am

Course: Watopia, Ocean Lave Cliffside Loop, 2 laps, 38km, Elevation 292m

Round 6 – Scratch Race

Date: Saturday 11th December @ 10am

Course: Crit City, Downtown Dolphin, 14 laps, 26.6km, Elevation 112m