The Northern Ireland Executive has announced that Coivd-19 regulations will remain in place until March 05 and will be reviewed on February 18. The implications for cycling clubs, members and activities are set out below.


Sport & Exercise

Outdoors: Only individual, household, bubble or when on your own, with one person from another household, outdoor exercise is permitted. (There is an exemption for professional and elite sports).

Indoors: training within your own home (turbo).


Elite competition can continue but must be behind closed doors.


You should avoid all unnecessary travel. 

You should not travel more than 10 miles from your home in order to take exercise. 

Everyone is asked to be mindful of the risks of spreading the virus by travel and should use their judgement when deciding whether or not to undertake a journey based on the individual circumstances. 

These restrictions will be kept under review by the NI Executive and we will endeavour to issue guidance on what activity can take place from then as early as possible. Any changes due to further updates from the NI Executive or Sport NI will be communicated as soon as possible.


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