Change to minimum distance for Following Cars in Cycling Ireland Time Trials

The Technical Working Group has approved the change to Cycling Ireland Regulation T7.A4.11 relating to the minimum distance for following cars in Time Trials, in line with the 2023 UCI regulations, the minimum distance will now be 25m. 

11. Where following vehicles are permitted the driver must hold a licence issued by a federation affiliated to the UCI. They may be required to carry a neutral observer and maintain a distance of at least 25 metres behind the rider. 

This change follows the extensive review by the UCI on the assistance to rider of a following car in a Time Trial based on Air Pressure. This will increase sporting fairness and safety for the riders. 

The Technical Working Group acknowledges that at certain times other vehicles may need to be closer momentarily – Commissaires, Photo Bikes, TV Bikes etc. – however these vehicles must stay out of the slipstream of the rider to avoid any possible gains, i.e. to the side – and the vehicle driver must consider the wind direction at that time.