Blueprint for Developing a Cycling Hub

Cycling Ireland has today published a blueprint for developing a cycling hub in Ireland. 

A number of versions of cycling hubs have been developed across the island of Ireland over the last number of years. With this in mind, Cycling Ireland has developed a cycling hub blueprint as an overarching guide for coordinated planning and development of cycling hubs across Ireland. It provides a vision, guiding principles and cycling hub development options for consideration by local authorities, land owners, clubs, schools and the community. Key learnings from already established cycling hubs have contributed to the development of the blueprint. 

A cycling hub is a community focal point for cycling development for all ages. The hubs will provide a mix of cycling infrastructure facilitating participation, training opportunities for all levels and the promotion of physical activity based around cycling.

The blueprint expresses the aspirations of Cycling Ireland to achieve improved and sustainable outcomes for cycling hub development across the county contributing to the growth of cycling within the community.

In the immediate to longer term cycling hub development will contribute to; 

The support of the progression of cycling pathways introducing children and adults to cycling in a safe environment. 

The support of the development of well-trained people to grow participation in cycling within local communities. 

The creation of strong local organisations and structures to sustain community engagement with cycling as a physical activity and sport. 

The provision of quality facilities across the country.

The blueprint is designed to provide suggestions and usage scenarios on how different sites and local amenities can accommodate the creation of cycling hubs without significant capital investment. The blueprint assists organisations identify hub components that may be developed singularly or as part of a wider cycling amenity developed on a modular approach.

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