2023 Level Up Coaching Skills Conference

Dr. Alan Dunton Speaking At The Conference (Credit: Atomcreates)

Cycling Ireland and Triathlon Ireland are pleased to have hosted a successful 2023 Level Up Coaching Skills Conference on Saturday, March 11th. 

The conference was aimed towards coaches of all levels, from participation to high performance, and focused on skill acquisition through sessions with speakers and discussion and collaboration with coaches from other sports. 

The conference was held at the Sport Ireland Campus as coaches from the disciplines heard from speakers such as Dr. Phil Kearney, Neill Delahaye, Dr. Alan Dunton and Denise Murphy.

The speakers engaged with coaches throughout the day and also took part in practical sessions to help apply their coaching ideas and lessons in what was a key factor in the success of the day. 

Niamh O'Gorman, Head of Development and Education at Triathlon Ireland, said:   

“The conference provided a unique opportunity for Triathlon and Cycling coaches to come together to discuss and share practice and experiences facilitated by four excellent speakers. The level of interaction and engagement from the coaches on the day was a key factor in the success of the day and we hope the coaches felt that they came away with relevant and contextualised ideas and information to apply to their coaching practice as well as some challenges for them to develop areas of their practice.” 

Triathlon coach and conference participant Bernie Magorrian said: 

"The conference was really good. It was good to interact with like-minded people - both triatletes and cycling coaches - so it was a really good opportunity to network. From the speakers, we took away lots of interesting ideas about how to improve our coaching skills in regards to putting things into practice, making us more skillful as coaches and being more reflective in our practice."

Cycling coach and conference participant Ray Clarke said:

"It was a really enjoyable conference, I learned a lot from all of the speakers. It was a course designed for different types of groups, I come from a cycling racing background, but today also catered for triathletes. There was tips for the likes of road cyclists, BMX and MTB, so there was a wide variety of topics covered. It's a really good course, very informative, well put together, well structured and very enjoyable from my perspective. 

After the successful conference, both Cycling Ireland and Triathlon Ireland plan to establish it as an annual event. 

Cycling Ireland Coach Education Manager, Tom Causer, said:  

“Triathlon Ireland and Cycling Ireland would like to thank the excellent speakers: Phil Kearney, Neill Delahaye, Alan Dunton and Denise Murphy for providing such insightful and thought-provoking presentations which were both engaging and interactive.  We are already planning on next year's coaching conference, which we want to make an annual event and be able to bring to members in each of the provinces.”