Cycling Ireland Training Hub

Cycling Ireland has launched the Training Hub on Android and iOS for 2022 Members. The Training Hub contains cycling-specific, live and expert training sessions in yoga, pilates, strength and conditioning and more. 

A library of more than 120 training sessions is available to choose from and a jam-packed calendar of over 100 training sessions will be released throughout 2022 catering for all levels. Log in to your membership portal and activate your Training Hub account today.

Have you completed a workout? Tag @CyclingIreland on social media and let us know how you got on!

2022 Training Hub Programmes

Intermediate Turbo Trainer
6-weeksJamie Blanchfield
Strength and Conditioning for Beginners
8-weeksSports Med Ireland
Yoga for Cyclists8-weeksÁlaya Yoga
Pilates Recovery Series12-weeksPilates Body
Strength and Conditioning for MTB
8-weeksSports Med Ireland
Youth Conditioning 8-weeksSports Med Ireland
Core and Stability10-weeksMatteo Cigala
Yoga for Performance8-weeksÁlaya Yoga
Bodyweight Series10-weeksMatteo Cigala
Strength and Conditioning for CX
8-weeksSports Med Ireland
Pilates for cyclists8-weeksTBC
Beginner Turbo Training6-weeksMatteo Cigala
Intermediate/Advanced Turbo Training
6-weeksJamie Blanchfield

Beginner Turbo Programme

Matteo Cigala, head coach at Cigala Cycling has designed a 6-week beginner programme on the turbo specifically for Cycling Ireland members. The programme is available free of charge to members on the Training Hub. 

Starting on Wednesday 17th, Matteo will lead the 6-week programme aimed at beginners. You can complete the sessions using a smart trainer, turbo trainer or a stationary bike. Matteo will guide you through each session and will help build you fitness over the 6 weeks. 

Choose to complete the workouts at a time that is convenient to you in the comfort of your home. Every Wednesday a new workout will be released at 7am on the Training Hub. 

Mobility Series

Róisín Mooney of Pilates le Róis has delivered a series of mobility sessions specifically for Cycling Ireland members on the Training Hub. The series is available free of charge to members on the Training Hub and will help keep you injury free and improve your performance and enjoyment on the bike.  

Mobility Series:

- Full Body Mobility Routine

- Lower Body Mobility

- Upper Body Mobility

- Hip Opener

- Hamstrings and Quads

- Shoulders

- Back and Neck

Activate Your Account Today

Access to the Training Hub is free for members. Simply log in to your membership portal and activate your account.

Activate your account:

Step 1: Log in to your Membership Portal

Step 2: Click on the Cycling Ireland Training Hub

Step 3: Activate your Cycling Ireland Training Hub Account

Once you have received the automated email to activate your Training Hub Account you can access workouts at any time through your membership portal.