Summary of cover

Membership TypePersonal Accident CoverPublic Liability (Third Party)
Leisure Membership YesYes
Full CompetitionYesYes
Limited CompetitionYesYes
Event License YesYes

Personal Accident Cover (Included in 2024 Leisure Memberships & all competition memberships)

Medical Expenses€2,500
Permanent Disablement
Dental Cover€2,500
Loss of Income€150
Excess Period 
7 days
Maximum Benefit Period
104 Weeks

*Add-on of €10 / £9 for Commuter Membership

**Valid competitive membership required to take part in any competitive events

More information can be found on the documents at the bottom of this page. 

 Public Liability (“Third Party”)

There is an indemnity limit of €13 million per incident. An increased limit is available upon request.

This covers a member for any third party liability or property damage for which they are held legally liable. (a third party is a person not accredited with membership of Cycling Ireland) when you are training, competing or officiating in an approved Cycling Ireland activity. (a €500 excess applies to each claim, to be paid by claimant). There is no cover in respect of any injury or damage suffered by one participant caused by another participant during training activities (please note members can still claim the personal accident cover above in this case).

Non Members

Non-Cycling Ireland members wishing to take part in a Cycling Ireland event may be able to take out an event licence (one day licence) for this event. If the event is open to Non-Cycling Ireland members you can take out an ‘Event Licence’ (Formerly a One Day Licence) at the time of entry online. An Event licence, includes personal accident cover & public liability as above for the duration of the event only.

Cycling Ireland membership does not cover any damage / theft of bicycles.

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Professional Indemnity

Indemnifies registered members (coaches, committee members) in respect of advice given for which they are negligent and leads to a financial loss. 

There is an indemnity limit of €13 million per incident

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

  • Who is covered by Cycling Ireland insurance when training or taking part in a club spin?

    Membership Type

    Personal Accident Cover

    Solo Cycling

    Personal Accident Cover

    Club Training

    Public Liability Cover

    Solo Cycling

    Public Liability Cover

    Club Training


    Competitive (Full, Limited, Junior, Youth)


    Personal Accident cover is provided to Commuter members who purchase the €10/£9 personal accident cover add-on.

  • Am I covered when cycling to/from work?

    Yes, provided it forms part of your ongoing training.

  • Who is covered by Cycling Ireland insurance when taking part in an authorised event?
    Membership TypePersonal Accident CoverPublic Liability (Third Party)
    Leisure Membership (Leisure events only)YesYes
    Full Competition Membership (All Competitive & Leisure events)YesYes
    Limited Competition Membership (Limited Competitive Events & Leisure Events)YesYes
    Youth & Junior (All Competitive & Leisure event open to this licence type)YesYes

     *For a detailed explanation of what events you can participate in with your licence, check out our Membership Types 
  • Am I covered for cycling with a club / group?

    Yes, but member to member 3rd party cover is no longer included (member to member exclusion).  The member to member exclusion relates to liability cover, and not to personal accident claims.  Personal accident cover is not affected by this – this includes injuries sustained through an accident with another member/s.

  • Am I covered for cycling on my own?

    Yes, provided it forms part of your ongoing training.

  • As a club are we covered to take out non-Cycling Ireland members with us?

    Non-members are allowed to take part in up to 3 club spins and they will be covered for insurance provided they sign in officially before each spin. After 3 spins the non-member will need to take out membership or they will not be covered for insurance.

  • As a club are we covered for non-Cycling Ireland members volunteering at our events.

    Yes, provided the event is registered and authorised by Cycling Ireland.

  • Am I only covered in Ireland?

    Public Liability Coverage – Worldwide 

    For overseas events, International Authorisation covers you for UCI- National Federation events within those countries.


    This does not cover you for Events not recognised by National Federations such as Audax events, charity rides etc. For these members should have their own Travel Insurance.


    It is the responsibility of members to ensure that the insured levels cover them for the countries they are going to ride events in.


    Cycling Ireland strongly recommend the use of additional Travel insurance for USA and Canada – where medical bills can be extremely high and may not be covered by the Cycling Ireland Policy Limits.


    Personal Accident Coverage – Worldwide

    Coverage Up to the limits on the policy

    Travel – Worldwide (Excluding Cuba ) – Travel Cover is for any trip organised by Cycling Ireland

    Members travelling abroad on trips not organised by Cycling Ireland are encouraged to take out their own travel insurance.

  • Am I covered if I'm cycling on an E-Bike?

    Yes, Cycling Ireland insurance covers you while cycling on an E-Bike.

  • Specific requirements for British Cycling members racing in Ireland

    To compete in Cycling Ireland (Irish Cycle Federation) sanctioned events; all British Cycling members must receive a Letter of Authority from British Cycling stating permission to compete in Ireland. The Letter of Authority will grant members permission to compete until the date of expiry of their racing license. To request the Letter of Authority, please contact the British Cycling Membership Team on 00 44 (0)161 274 2010 or 

    British Cycling members are required to hold a Race Gold Licence to compete in Ireland. All members must hold a valid Full Racing Licence for the period in which they intend to compete. Members who do not hold an active Race Gold Licence, will be unable to compete in Cycling Ireland sanctioned events. 

    British Cycling members should register as a Foreign Rider with Cycling Ireland. All riders must upload the following in their application form:

    • Letter of Authority to compete in Ireland
    • Copy of British Cycling Gold Racing Licence

Incident & Accident Report Form

You can submit an incident and accident report form here.