Take part and compete from the comfort of your home. Virtual events or eRacing is open to anyone with a bike, a turbo trainer and access to software such as Zwift, RGT, Trainer Road or similar platforms.

The platform recognises how fast you are pedalling. Once you've selected a virtual race, your chosen avatar will travel at that speed on screen.

The Cycling Ireland Zwift League will be back soon!

Group workouts will be led by Matteo Cigala, a former professional cyclist and head coach at Cigala Cycling, with over 20 years’ experience.

Group workouts on Zwift are tailored to all levels and designed to give everyone a chance to be active throughout the upcoming series. Just set your FTP within the Zwift App and follow the instructions on screen throughout the workout.

Join on the Zwift Companion App

Group Rides will be led by Matteo Cigala, a former professional cyclist and head coach at Cigala Cycling, with over 20 years’ experience.

The aim for this ride is to keep everyone together and have fun. We ride at a steady pace of around 1.8-2.2 w/kg and we might include some efforts, but we will allow enough recovery and time to regroup.

This is NOT A RACE , but a social activity which will help you to gain some skills, knowledge and confidence. Stay close and follow the instructions and pace set by the leader Matteo, which will have a yellow beacon. Each spin will have a fence to help to control the pace, your co-operation is therefore essential to the success of the social ride. The ride will last for 60 minutes, however if you can’t stay that long, join the fun for as long as you like!

Join on the Zwift Companion App

Zwift User Set Up Guide

  • Requirements

    One of the below:

    - A Stationary Indoor Trainer AND a speed sensor OR power meter/power pedals

    on your bike.

    - Rollers AND a speed sensor OR power meter/power pedals on your bike.

    - A Smart Trainer.

  • How to set up a Zwift Account and download the App

    1. Head to

    2. Click “Create Account”. Enter your details and submit.

    3. Click “Download” and select the appropriate device. 

    4. Select “Run” and wait for the app to download. 

    5. Your first 25km are free if you are a new user after which there is a monthly 

    subscription fee. 

    6. Download the Zwift Companion App from the Apple or Android Store for free to find and join events and interact with your followers. This app can be downloaded to phones or tablets. 

  • Opening and setting up Zwift

    1. Head to the Zwift App and log in to your account. 

    2. Click “Lets Go” to start Zwifting. 

    3. Pair your devices with Zwift. A power meter, smart turbo or speed sensor is needed to use Zwift. If using a speed sensor, you will be given virtual watts to propel you around the roads. To add a device, click the box on the screen that matches the device you are trying to add and wake the device up by moving the pedals, it should then appear on the screen. Click the device name to add.

    4. *NOTE* if using a speed sensor for power you cannot enter official Zwift events. You can still use most functions and join the Cycling Ireland group rides. 

  • How to set up your Zwift Power

    1. Go to

    2. Click the torso icon at the top right and select ‘register’

    3. Complete the registration form.

    A video explaining all the steps below can be found at the following link: FULL VIDEO

    4.  Find your Zwift ID here after putting your Zwift log in details. 

    5. Return to Zwift Power, go to connect page here and paste your Zwift ID.

    6. A 4-digit code will be given. Paste this code beside your surname. This can be done from the Zwift Companion App or here. Click save.

    7. Go back to Zwift Power Connect page and click ‘connect my account’

    8. Accept T&C and join Cycling Ireland Zwift League Team

  • To set or reset your FTP

    1. On Zwift go to ‘Ride Type’

    2. Select ‘Training’ 

    3. Change your type of workout to ‘FTP Test’ 

    4. Select one of three FTP tests - ‘Ramp Test’ is the easiest

  • Connecting with friends on Zwift

    1. Open the Zwift Companion App.

    2. Select “More” on the bottom of the screen. 

    3. Select “Find Zwifters”. 

    4. Search your friends by name. 

    5. Click the “+” button beside their name to become a follower. 

    6. Some follower requests must be approved before you can follow them due to the individual’s privacy settings. 

    7. If they follow you back, you can arrange a meet up with them.

  • Joining a scheduled meet up/race

    1. Join the Cycling Ireland Virtual Community Group on Facebook to check what rides are available to join and find one that suits you. Add your Zwift name to the form in the description, the first 50 requests will be added to the meet up/race. You will then need to log into the Zwift Companion App and accept the meet up request. If you don’t accept the request, you won’t be able to join the meet up.

    2. Log into the Zwift App and connect your devices. Make sure to allow plenty of time before the start time. If you’re late the group will have left without you!

    3. Click any world/route and start warming up ahead of the meet up. When there are a few minutes to go you will get a pop up on your screen asking you to join the meet up. Click join and you will be taken to the meet up. You can continue to warm up and when the meet up starts you will be able to roll out as a group.

    4. Once the ride starts, message your group, draft off others and enjoy the ride!

  • Messaging friends or a group

    On a laptop or PC, simply hit “M” on your keyboard to bring up the message box. Your messages will appear beside your name on your screen for anyone near by to see. 

    - If you’re running the Zwift App from your phone, tap the screen to bring up the action bar and tap the chat symbol. Type your message into the message box that appears, and this message will show beside your name on your screen for anyone near by to see. 

    - The Zwift Companion App is the easiest way to send messages to groups during rides. To send a public message using the Zwift Companion mobile app, once you are running Zwift and the app has connected, tap “Messages” at the bottom of your device screen. There, you can see a log of messages that have been sent by nearby Zwifters and type one of your own.

    - The Zwift Companion App is the only way to send messages to an individual rider. Find and tap their name in the list of nearby Zwifters in the app, or search for their name if you can’t find them. You will see the option to send that person 

    a message if they are currently active in Zwift.

    - When you receive a private message, the chat bubble in-game will have an orange background. Also, a tab will open within the Companion “Messages” screen showing a message history with that person.

  • How to join Discord to communicate with other Zwifters during an event

    1. Install the app on your PC or smartphone.

    2. Open the app and Create a Discord account

    3. Open Settings (Settings is at the bottom of the left-hand menu).

    4. Open the Voice and Video section.

    5. Set Input Mode to Push-to-Talk

    6. On the Smartphone app, you activate Push- to-Talk by pressing the button at the bottom of 

    the screen.

    7. On the PC app, you need to create a Push-to-Talk button. Highlight the Shortcut area, press 

    the Space Bar and then click Stop Recording. The Push-to-Talk button is now set.

    8. Click on “X Esc” at top right-hand corner to exit settings.

    Connect to the voice channel for Cycling Ireland Zwift events:

    1. Click on the “+” sign on the left-hand panel.

    2. Click on Join a Server.

    3. Enter in the server name and click Join.

    4. The next time you us Discord, this server will be shown on the left-hand panel and you and 

    click on this directly to join the session.

    5. Under Voice Channels, click General and then click Connect to Voice if asked.

    6. You are now connected to the Cycling Ireland voice channel. Press the space bar to talk and 

    release when finished talking, just like a 2-way radio.

    7. Don’t forget to hang up when the event has finished