Road Cycling is the most widespread form of cycling. More people are taking to the roads on bikes than ever before, be it for leisure reasons, competition, or commuting, the benefits of cycling are endless. 


Traditional road racing is the most popular form of cycling and is held on paved roads and surfaces, where the first past the line wins after a mass start.

There are different formats of road racing which include: one-day races from one point to another, on a circuit, or stage races.


Time trials sees riders race solely against the clock as they ride individually over a set distance, with the aim of completing the course in the shortest amount of time. The individual time trial is raced over 40-50km. 

Like the individual time trial, the team trial is raced by teams of a minimum of 2 riders and a maximum of 10 riders battling against the clock to complete a specific course in the shortest amount of time. 

Mixed relay format reserved for national teams composed of three men and three women from the Elite and Under-23 categories. The event will get under way with the three men, who will then hand over the relay to the three women. The team’s final placing will be calculated based on the time elapsed when the second woman crosses the finish line. Both the men and women will complete one lap of an identical circuit. 

The hill climb is a form of cycling that involves riders climbing up a hill that continues to gain altitude along a steep gradient until they reach the summit.

Criterium racing is a type of racing that consists of several laps of a circuit. The circuit in a criterium race is usually short distance of around about 500 metres to 1000 metres.