Club affiliation is open for 2021 and is processed online by the nominated Club Secretary through the Cycling Ireland Membership Portal. 

There will be a number of steps required in order to complete affiliation. It is important to be aware that the listed club secretary will be responsible for affiliating the club and completing all steps.


In accordance with Cycling Ireland technical rules in order for a club to affiliate there are a number of requirements

•        Have a minimum of 6 members

•        Have a Club Secretary, Chairperson, Treasurer & Youth Safeguarding Officer (if you have U18 members) as a minimum, all of whom must be a cycling Ireland member.

•        Have a Club Constitution

•        Have a Safeguarding Statement (if you have U18 Members)

•        Have a Safeguarding Risk Assessment (if you have U18 Members)

•        Pay the appropriate Affiliation & Provincial Fee

Step-by-Step Guide

Pay the Cycling Ireland Affiliation & Provincial Fee

Upload Essential Documents

        - Club Constitution

        - Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment Statement

        - Child Safeguarding Statement 

Contact a Cycling Ireland Membership Development Officer for templates of the essential documents. 

Gary Lavery - Mobile: 07927561720 Office: 02838891122

Ensure a minimum of 6 members for 2021

       - Create a 2021 membership for a minimum of 6 members, to include all club officials (if not already renewed for 2021) 

Re-assign core officials

        - Treasurer

        - Chairperson

       -Safeguarding Officer (if you have U18 members in your club)

If you already have your Club membership fees & stripe connected you will not be asked to complete this step.

Pay Set up Club Membership Fees

Connect Stripe (to collect payment of Club Membership fees)