Sprocket Rocket

Sprocket Rocket

Sprocket Rocket is Cycling Ireland's fun skills programme where children aged  5 to 12 are taught four FUNdamental cycling skills by qualified Sprocket Rocket Instructors. The Sprocket Rocket Programme was
originally develo
ped by BMX Australia.

"My child just loved Sprocket Rocket, loved being with the other kids. They certainly progressed over the 8 weeks e.g. knowledge of bike parts and bike skills have improved. The plank was the biggest challenge but they loved it". Parent of Sprocket Rocket participant


Sprocket Rocket focuses on delivery to youths aged 5 to 11 years old, although it can be delivered successfully to anyone of any age. The programme focuses on 4 main skills; Cornering, Pedalling, Braking and Balance. Throughout the Sprocket Rocket Programme the cyclist is brought through three progressions in each of these skills. It is ideal for learning and developing skills and can be delivered by clubs, teachers, parents or anyone else involved with young cyclists. You can become a Sprocket Rocket instructor after just a one day course!

Sprocket Rocket can also be delivered in schools as part of the Active School Flag programme. Click HERE for more information 

" I loved learning new things at Sprocket Rocket and being with my friends, so much fun"

 "I loved everything about the course, especially the skills like the balancing etc… and trying to beat your old times and get better" Sprocket Rocket Programme Participants 

All registered participants receive a personal Sprocket Rocket logbook, stickers, certificate of completion and high vis bib  (fees apply)

If you are interested in Sprocket Rocket for your club, school or youth club why not become a Sprocket Rocket instructor? It's only a one day course! To find out more about the programme or becoming an instructor check out the FAQ's below or contact programmes@cyclingireland.ie

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Every year Sprocket Rocket is showcased at Cycling Ireland's family cycling festival Bike Fest which takes place in St. Anne's Park, Raheny, Dublin. The sound of bicycle bells and laughter fills up the park and the festival offers opportunities for all ages to enjoy their bike, from the 18 month old avid balance bike enthusiast to the older children among us. Check out some footage of last years event below and to find out more about Bike Fest click HERE

  • q What skills are taught in Sprocket Rocket?
    A Sprocket Rocket focuses on four basic cycling techniques: Balance, Braking, Cornering and Pedalling. The young rider is brought through three progressions in each of these skills. 
  • q Where does Sprocket Rocket take place?
    A Sprocket Rocket takes place in an enclosed and safe environment, usually a playground or a basketball court. The coach ensures that this area is safe, by doing a risk assessment, and organises cones and props according to the session that is planned. Sprocket Rocket is a nationwide programme.
  • q How much is a Sprocket Rocket programme?
    A There a three options for participants when they enroll for Sprocket Rocket:

    Option One:

    €5 or £5

    Logbook, Certificate, Stickers, Insurance

    Option Two:

    €10 or £8

    High Vis Sprocket Rocket Vest, Logbook, Certificate, Stickers, Insurance


  • q How do I get Sprocket Rocket in my area?
    A The best way to get Sprocket Rocket in your area is to become a Sprocket Rocket Instructor. 

    Alternatively we can try to link you up with a club in your area. 

    Email programmes@cyclingireland.ie 
  • q How do I become a Sprocket Rocket Instructor?
    A If you are interested in becoming a Sprocket Rocket Coach, you can contact us at the below address. We will then inform you about all upcoming courses. You do not already need to be a Cycling Ireland coach to become a Sprocket Rocket Instructor.

    The Sprocket Rocket Instructor's Course is a one day course which is a mix of classroom work and practical outdoor experience. The cost is €30 / £25, and after the course you are fully qualified to deliver the Sprocket Rocket programme.

    Contact us at programmes@cyclingireland.ie 
  • q What is Sprocket Rocket?
    A Sprocket Rocket was launched by Cycling Ireland in 2010, and it is a cycling skills programme aimed at teaching young riders the fundamental skills involved in cycling. It is normally run as an 8 week programme, with each session taking one hour. Sprocket Rocket was developed for children aged between 5 and 11 years, with an aim of increasing the competence and confidence of young riders.

    To date over 5000 children have benefited from Sprocket Rocket, which is run in a variety of locations and formats, from schools or clubs, to summer camps and taster sessions. Sprocket Rocket has a strong emphasis on FUN and constant coaching.

    Sprocket Rocket comes from Australia, where it is run as a BMX programme for young riders.
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