AXA Community Bike Rides


Cycling Ireland has partnered with AXA to develop a nationwide initiative providing free, social bike rides for people (18yrs+) of all cycling experience.



The programme provides opportunities for people to take part in easy going/challenging, solo or group rides in their local community. 



Group Rides are led by trained and vetted volunteer leaders, with a maximum of 8 places per ride. These are social rides which include a refreshment stop during or at the end of the ride so people have an opportunity to connect with those in their community. Individuals can search by ‘County’ to see where there are current group rides taking place and sign-up for free to take part. You just need a roadworthy bike and helmet.  



Go to the Find a Ride page and select your County from the dropdown menu to find your nearest group ride. 



Solo Rides were introduced due to Covid-19 restrictions on outdoor exercise. Although we could not ride together in our local communities, we could ride as individuals as part of a virtual community and look to stay connected during this time. Given the level of engagement in these bike rides, solo rides are being retained so that everyone can participate in the programme, regardless of where on the island you live! 



Individuals sign up to take part in a ride on their own at ANY time that suits them on that specific day. To get credited for completing the bike ride, they submit a picture from their ride to axacommunitybikerides@cyclingireland.ie within 24hrs of completing the ride or alternatively message it to AXA Community Bike Rides on Facebook. We then use these images to further promote on social media the opportunity to participate 



To take part in an easy going or challenging solo ride in your area - click here. 



All participation in solo and group rides is tracked through the AXA Community Bike Rides website, so that everyone can earn rewards (e.g. complete 10 rides, receive a free buff). 



For those interested in taking part but have yet to become a member of AXA Community Bike Rides, you can simply join for free by registering your details on www.axacommunitybikerides.com/members/join 



We are actively recruiting more Leaders to set-up group rides in their local community. As a Leader you get to choose the day, time, distance and route of all your rides, and we provide free training and on-going support to get you going in your area. 



If you are interested in leading free, social bike rides in your community and if you: 


·       are over 18 years of age, 

·       have the fitness level to ride for approximately 20km, 

·       are comfortable cycling in group formation in close proximity to other riders,  

·       are comfortable cycling on busy roads in close proximity to traffic, 

·       can comfortably cycle in a straight line for 10 metres with either hand off the handlebars, 

·       are able to ride in a straight line whilst looking over either shoulder, 

·       have a roadworthy bike and helmet, 

·       are aware of the basic laws pertaining to cycling on the road, 

·       are willing to attend a one-day AXA Community Bike Ride Leader course, 

·       are willing to complete the vetting process as required. 






If you have previously completed the Cycling Ireland Ride Leader course, please get in touch to register your interest – click here. 



For full details on the role of an AXA Community Bike Ride Leader, please click here. 



For more information, please contact the AXA Community Bike Rides 

Coordinator, Mary Corry - mary.corry@cyclingireland.ie 

Development Officer, Nicole Evans - axacommunitybikerides@cyclingireland.ie 

or check out: www.axacommunitybikerides.com