Membership Update - 20th November 2017

Membership Update - 20th November 2017

This page will be updated over the coming weeks and months as membership and club affiliation for 2018 start to go live.

Any updates to the membership system or online process for registering members and clubs will be updated here.

Be sure to check this page regularly over the coming weeks to keep up to date with everything that's happening.

Club Membership Fees

We are pleased to inform you that we have updated the club fee collection section of our membership portal. This has been done in consultation with some of our clubs and hopefully will be beneficial to you in the running of your club. For any clubs or officials not familiar with the club fee collection system, this allows clubs to collect club membership fees at the same time as a member is purchasing their Cycling Ireland licence. This enables the club to seamlessly receive membership fees for the year directly to their account and is convenient for the member as they can pay both subscriptions in one payment (clubs need to have Stripe and GoCardless accounts setup to receive payments).

The improvements are outlined below in some further detail and a guide to setting up club fees can be found here.

The first area which has been updated is the club fee selection process for members. Previously members selected the club fee themselves however now the club fee can be automatically assigned to a member based on their age or licence type. Club officials can manage their club fees and set age ranges or licence types for specific club membership fees. For example if your club charges different fees for adults and youth members you could set the age range for youth membership to 8-17 years old. If you charge different membership rates for leisure and competitive club members you can select the licence types relevant to each fee.

This will help ensure that the correct fees are charged and that members will only pay the club fee which is applicable to them. There is the option of the club official overwriting this for the member, this is particularly useful if you are renewing membership on behalf of one of your members or are renewing more than one member at a time.

The second area which has been improved is the club members report. As leisure licences are operating on a rolling basis throughout the year this was causing difficulty for clubs to track who had paid club fees. A new club fee report has been developed which will allow club officials to see exactly who has renewed their Cycling Ireland licence, paid club fees or who is due to pay these. This should help ease the administration burden for you by providing a clear and concise report of all club members.

We have also changed the reminder process for leisure members whose licences are due for renewal. An automated email will be sent to the club member during the month in which their membership is expiring and the club secretary will be copied in this email. In addition to this there will be a separate email sent to club secretaries outlining the full list of club members who require renewal during that particular month.

We would also like to remind club officials that club affiliation for 2018 is now open and can be carried out exclusively online without the need to download and submit an affiliation form. We would encourage all club officials to try and affiliate their club as early as possible to ensure licences can go out to members early in January and to also avail of the reduced affiliation fee as well.

Event Applications for 2018

The Events Application System has now been updated and is currently open.

Each Provincial Calendar Coordinator will review and approve, or reject, all events submitted online to be promoted in their province. Similarly, Commissions may review and approve, or reject, within its discipline. The applicant for any event rejected must be advised of the rejection and reasons for such. All approved events will be reviewed by the Events Officer who will be responsible for establishing and publishing the full Cycling Ireland Calendar, by province and discipline. Events submitted after the closing date will have no priority in the allocation of dates.

We now have a new front end process which will make entering an event more straight forward.

The system will remain open for 4 weeks with a closing date of Sunday 19th November.

The link below has the process to follow when entering your event.

Event Application System 2018
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