All Cycling Ireland members have personal accident and public liability insurance by virtue of their membership of Cycling Ireland. This insurance will cover you when you are out training or taking part in approved Cycling Ireland events. If you would like to be insured for training and events, you will need to join Cycling Ireland.

If you are injured or cause damage to a 3rd party (whether they are a Cycling Ireland member or not) whilst out training or at an approved Cycling Ireland event, you will need to fill out an accident and incident report form. Someone else, such as a relative/club secretary can also fill this out on your behalf. Once this is filled in, send it back to the Cycling Ireland office where it will be logged, and then sent on to the insurers. The insurers will then get in touch with you directly about your claim. 

Event organisers can apply to have a venue or facility that they are hiring indemnifed against any claims made against it. Effectively this means that the venue is covered by Cycling Ireland insurance for the time period stated on the indemnity letter. There is a fee of €60 for this letter and you must fill in an indemnity request form and email it in to Cycling Ireland. 

People who are non Cycling Ireland members but wish to take part in a CI event may be able to take out a one day license for this event. You should contact the event organiser to see if they will be offering one day licenses. In order to be covered under the CI insurance you will need to sign the one day license sheet which event organisers of applicable events will have on the day.

Key documents, such as the accident and incident report form, personal accident policy wording and general liability policy wording can be found here.

Cycling Ireland membership does not cover any damage/theft of bicycles.

The following is a basic outline of the claims procedure.

1. Reporting Incidents 

  • Complete the insurance report form as much as possible and submit through the Contact Us page of the site.
  • Provide all relevant details, include photographs, details of weather and conditions etc, witness reports or details of witnesses if possible.
  • It is not necessary than an accident victim reports the incident themselves, in some cases where injuries are severe the victim may not be in a position to complete the claim form. In such cases it is perfectly acceptable that an official from the event, promoting club or family member complete the report form.

 2. Claim Process

  • Cycling Ireland will pass the claim to its insurance brokers O'Driscoll O'Neill - http://www.odon.ie/ 
  • O'Driscoll O'Neil will liaise directly with the relevant member where there is a claim for medical expenses etc.
  • In the event of a serious injury a liability assessor may be appointed. It is important that all details regarding the witnesses, photographs, risk management details are retained by the race/event organiser.
  • As and from 1st January 2017, there is an excess of €500 on any claim payable by the member. Thus if your claim is settled for example €1,500, our insurance company will pay €1,000 and the claimant will have to pay the balance.



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