Temporary Membership & Eventmaster Online Registration

The following information is for leisure event promoters.

  • Temporary Membership (previously called One-Day licence)
  • Eventmaster - Online Registration



Temporary Membership

When a non-Cycling Ireland member wants to take part in a Cycling Ireland event, they are required to pay a fee of €5/£5 to cover their insurance for the duration of the event. This fee has had various names over the years and to avoid further confusion, the fee will now be called a Temporary Membership.

The Temporary Membership must be collected by the event promoter and returned to Cycling Ireland shortly after the event. This fund is used by Cycling Ireland to provide for accidents that these non-fulltime members may incur.

In order to make this easy for the promoter and club, we are recommending that all promoters use Eventmaster as their online registration system.

Eventmaster - Online Registration

We have partnered with EventMaster to provide all clubs with an easy to use registration system at a very competitive cost.

The benefits of this are many including:

  • Predictability on how many are going to take part in your event
  • Better cash flow
  • Easier sign-on process
  • Easier Communication with all your participants prior to the event
  • Reduce the risk for the promoter
  • Eventmaster has the ability to verify that the participant is a CI Member and if they are not then they are directed to pay for a Temporary Membership or given the option to become a Full Member.

The cost of this service is c. 4% plus transaction fees plus transaction fees to Stripe/Paypal etc*

*Note The registration funds will go directly to the promoter if they set up a stripe account (which most clubs who collect their club fees on line already have)

In all cases, the event promoter is responsible for their own Stripe/Paypal/etc transaction fees.

Many of our larger Sportif Promoters are already availing of this very powerful and easy to use system.

In order to incentivise the use of Eventmaster, we are offering the following discounts for the 1st year depending on the number of participants and the number of new members that take out Full Membership of Cycling Ireland.


Summary of Discounts:


Eventmaster Fee Discount*

Temporary Membership Discount



20% or 40% if 10 new members sign up

100 - 250


20% or 40% if 20 new members sign up

251 - 500


20% or 40% if 40 new members sign up



20% or 40% if 60 new members sign up

*Subject to individual negotiations with EM

Here is an example of how this works.

If your event has 300 participants (line 3 in the table above), you will get a 25% discount on the Eventmaster commission.

If 200 participants are non-members, then the total of Temporary Memberships to be collected would be €1000 (€5 each). But you get a 20% discount, so you only need to return €800 to Cycling Ireland, thereby retaining €200 for your club.

In additional to this, if 40 or more new members take out Full Membership with Cycling Ireland, then a further 20% discount will apply. In this case you only need to return €600 in total, thereby retaining €400 for you club.

To have your event set-up on the EventMaster System please contact support@eventmaster.ie

Other notice to Leisure event promoters, Feb’19



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