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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q I'm not a member at the moment, but want to take part in a sportive/race at the weekend.
    A If you want to process a licence quickly, the only way to do this is by applying online. Once you pay online your licence number appears on your profile and you are considered insured and covered for participation in events and training from that point on. You should print this screen and present it to the race organiser on the day. You will also receive an email when you pay that serves as a temporary licence until your actual licence arrives in the post which could also be presented to the event organiser.

    If you are joining a club, you should contact your club secretary to let them know that you are waiting their approval so that you can finalise your membership. Memberships where you are applying to join as part of a club can only be processed with the approval of the club secretary. This can take up to 72 hours.

    Please note that the Cycling Ireland office hours are Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00. If you apply after hours, memberships will not be processed until the following working day. This would mean that if you wanted to cycle at the weekend, and started the application process at 22.00 on the Friday evening, your membership will not be processed until the Monday (or Tuesday if it's a bank holiday in the Republic of Ireland) and you would not be able to ride at the weekend. Please note that club secretaries have up to 72 hours to approve members so you should factor this in when applying for membership. Cycling Ireland cannot approve memberships without explicit permission from the club secretary.
  • q I have got enough points to have my licence upgraded – what is the process for this?

    After each race the results are submitted to Cycling Ireland within 7 days of the event.
    Once these are submitted the grading officer will review the results and award points to
    those who got placed. You will then be immediately upgraded on the system and a new
    licence and race numbers will be issued automatically within 10 working days. If you
    wish to race at the higher grade before you receive your new numbers please log in
    to your account, print out a copy of your member profile page
    (which will display your new licence number) and bring this with you on the day of race.
    You will then be given temporary numbers for the day.
    Once you have received your new card and numbers please return the
    old ones to Cycling Ireland. 

  • q I have not received my licence or race numbers yet - can I still race?
    A As soon as you have registered and paid you will receive a licence number. You are then insured and can enter events. If you have not received your card or race numbers you can download a PDF copy of your licence from the "My Licence" tile of your online account. You can show this at sign on for events and will be issued with temporary numbers for the day. You do not need to purchase a one day licence if you have already paid for annual membership. 
  • q How to Transfer Club
  • q As club secretary how do I view members and manage them?
    A Three club officials in every club have access to all the members in their club. When that official logs into their profile (with their email address and password in the log in section) they can add, renew and edit members. They can also renew the club membership here. 

    To view the club members go to "members" in the black tab, here you can view, edit, renew and manage your members. Under "profile" and "club management" you can renew your club affiliation. 
  • q I am an existing member, but cannot log in
    A The most common reason for an existing member having trouble logging in is that we do not have a registered email address for them or the email address noted in your profile is incorrect. In this instance you must contact your club secretary to update your email and reset your password. 

    It is also possible you have a duplicate profile on our system. As your email is one of the unique identifiers for login purposes, if another profile is using the same email address it will cause login difficulties
  • q I cannot log into the new system
    A Here are the common reasons why you might not be able to log in:

    You are already registered. If you have been a member with CI before the new system was introduced, you can still log in with your old email address, however you must request a new password.

    If you are having any other issues, see our help page here
  • q What is my "username" when I try to log in?
    A Your username is the email address you used to register with
  • q I have requested a password reset but I have not received it
    A Check your spam folders. Be sure that you are using the right e-mail address. If you have still not received your password please email us using the Contact Us form
  • q How do I apply online if I am a new or returning member - what are the steps?
    A Information on how to join Cycling Ireland as a new member

    1: Please click here to join Cycling Ireland. This will bring you to a page where you can register your basic membership profile details such as name, email address & password for your profile.

    2: You will then be emailed with an activation link which is used to verify your email address is correct and activates your account. Click on this activation link and enter your password to log on. If this activation link doesn't arrive within an hour, check your spam folder. If it still hasn't arrived, get in touch with Cycling Ireland through our contact page

    3: Once you are logged on, click on the member tile, where you will be invited to provide more details, such as your date of birth, your license type of choice and whether you want to join a club/join as an un-attached member. You can also use this page to apply for a student discount if eligible or an international license if you need one.

    4: Click next and upload any attachments needed, such as Student ID or a photo for your international license. Finally, click submit. This will submit your application to Cycling Ireland.

    5: Once you have submitted your application, Cycling Ireland will approve it, and your club will also approve it if you are joining a club. After the application has been approved, you will get an email back asking you to log in to pay for your license. You can pay by clicking on the orange checkout tile.

    6: A temporary license card will be emailed to you, before your license card is sent to you in the post. 

    Please read on for a step by step guide to renewing your membership with Cycling Ireland for 2014

    1: Click the log in button in the top right hand corner of the website (www.cyclingireland.ie). This will take you to a new screen, which is the log in screen for the new membership portal.

    2: Click on the link saying 'For 1st time access click here to retrieve your Password!'

    3: This will take you to a page where you will need to enter your email address - this email address MUST be the one that you used for 2013 Cycling Ireland membership.

    4: Once you press 'Request password' a temporary password and activation link will be sent to your email address. Click on this activation link and enter your temporary password. 

    5: You can then enter a password of your choice and submit this information. 

    6: Once you have done this, you will be able to log in using your email address and the password you created and renew your membership or join Cycling Ireland. You will be able to select your license type now. Have a look at the types of license availablehere. Please ensure that you press the submit button after you have agreed to the terms and conditions of membership. If submit isn't pressed, your application won't be submitted to CI.

    7: Once you have submitted your application, it will go to be approved. Your membership will need to be approved before you can pay. If you are a new member (club and un-attached) or a renewing un-attached member, Cycling Ireland will approve your membership. If you are a renewing club member, or a new club member (once CI have approved your membership) the club will approve your membership.

    8: Once you have been approved, you can log back into the system and go to the checkout, where you can pay for your membership.

    We ask that members do not submit duplicate profiles, as they will be rejected. This means that if you already have a profile with CI/have been a previous member, you need to log in instead of joining/creating a new profile. Thanks!

    Click here to log into the new membership portal: https://cyclingireland.azolve.com/portal/Login.aspx

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