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Dear members,
At its latest meeting held in Zurich, Switzerland, on 30-31 January 2020, the UCI Management Committee (and the Professional Cycling Council on 29 January 2020 as regards men’s professional road cycling) examined and approved several amendments to the UCI Regulations as recommended by the various UCI Commissions.

This special edition of the UCI Newsletter focuses entirely on changes to the UCI Regulations that were approved by the UCI Management Committee and the Professional Cycling Council at their respective meetings. For further information on these items, we kindly invite you to consult the UCI website.

Beyond these regulatory amendments, the other decisions and measures adopted by the UCI Management Committee are outlined in the corresponding press release published after the meeting.
Please do not hesitate to contact the UCI Sports Department should you require any further information.

David Lappartient
UCI President





Several regulatory changes to Part I were approved by the UCI Management Committee in the areas detailed below.
Indoor cycling
A paragraph was added to the regulations regarding the wearing of the UCI World Champion jersey. In pair and team artistic cycling events, if one teammate does not wear the UCI World Champion jersey, this may prevent judges from remaining impartial, as the rider wearing the incorrect jersey is likely to attract their attention more. In cycle-ball, if two members of the same team do not wear the same jersey, it makes it difficult for judges and spectators to differentiate between teams. Currently, four players in a match could wear different jerseys. This new paragraph aims to resolve these issues.
An article has been amended to include the official title of “judge” for the BMX Freestyle discipline.
Clarifications regarding the number and status of the Commissaires to be appointed for each event have been added to the Trial and Para-cycling tables.
Sports betting and sponsorship

The UCI Management Committee decided to amend the article that prohibits any member or entity subject to the UCI Regulations from being involved in betting on cycling events, setting out certain specific circumstances.
The UCI Management Committee also amended the provisions relating to sponsorship by betting operators (including national lotteries). These provisions set out conditions for any entity looking for sponsorship from a betting operator. The aim of these amendments are to prevent collusion between the sponsor and the team or organiser, where relevant. They also prevent teams and organisers from entering sponsorship deals with operators who engage in betting practices that pose a threat to the integrity of the sport, thereby ensure that such operators are not granted visibility on cycling events. For this purpose, an exhaustive list of bets is laid down in Appendix 1 to Part I of the UCI Regulations (a team or organiser must ensure that a sponsor exclusively organises bets as listed).  

Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport - Amendments to regulations as from 11.02.2020
Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport




UCI Classics Series
The UCI Management Committee and the Professional Cycling Council approved regulatory amendments following the decision of the UCI to postpone the introduction of the UCI Classics Series.
The UCI Classics Series ranking will not be coming into effect, which means that the one-day events ranking will continue to be used in its 2019 format.
UCI WorldTour Calendar
The Professional Cycling Council also agreed to remove the requirement that ten UCI WorldTeams are to participate in new UCI WorldTour events, pending the vote on the new draft system, in accordance with the principles adopted in Innsbruck in September 2018.
It was also decided to clarify the duration of the support provided when a team loses its UCI WorldTeam status on the basis of sporting criteria. This support shall apply only to the season following the loss of status.
The UCI Management Committee reviewed the scale of sanctions applicable to events and decided to refine the scale for Class 1 and UCI ProSeries events.
In September 2019, the UCI Management Committee approved the introduction of a registration fee for Criterium events on the UCI International Calendar. In doing so, it approved the creation of an article in the regulations stating that any criterium organiser seeking the participation of a rider registered with a UCI WorldTeam, a UCI Women’s WorldTeam or a UCI ProTeam is required to request that their event be registered on the UCI International Calendar.

Rider Safety
Clarifications on the selection of road race routes were approved. These set out, in particular, the conditions to be met by organisers looking to include sectors that are not paved.
The UCI Management Committee also decided to set up a joint protocol for dealing with issues relating to extreme weather conditions (including a protocol that has been in place since 2016) and to any incident or problem relating to rider safety during races. It also agreed to change the maximum distance of Class 2 one-day events from 200km to 180km.
Class 2 Women Elite events
The UCI Management Committee approved a regulatory change allowing riders who previously rode for a UCI Women’s Continental Team to be registered as a trainee in a UCI Women’s WorldTeam.

Other Events
The UCI Management Committee agreed on a list of principles to be implemented in Chapter IX of Part 2 of the UCI Regulations in order to clarify the process for approval of events which are run on formats that are not provided for in the regulations. The relevant amendments shall be approved and published by 2 March 2020. The principles approved by the Management Committee are as follows:

  • A procedure for approval of events without the need for specific annual derogation requests;
  • An explicit list of principles which are taken into consideration when approving events;
  • Access to Class 1 or Class 2 only;
  • Compulsory compliance with rules related to the class of event (e.g. participation rules, invitations, points, financial obligations, commissaires, disciplinary provisions).

Part II: Road Races - Amendments to Regulations as from 11.02.2020
Part II: Road Races - Amendments to Regulations as from 21.10.2020
Part II - Road Races




E-Mountain Bike
E-Mountain Bike regulations were slightly adapted following the 2019 season. A clarification was added to indicate that the discipline only allows the use of Pedelec-type bikes (where power is only provided when the rider is pedalling).
In view of the constant and rapid development of this new discipline and to prevent it becoming overregulated, this change to the regulations allows organisers to create specific regulations in a technical guide to be used by Commissaires in conjunction with the UCI Regulations.

Part IV: Mountain Bike - Rules amendments in force on 11.02.2020
Part IV: Mountain Bike





Following the UCI Management Committee’s approval of the cyclo-cross reform, the discipline’s regulations were updated.
The UCI Management Committee also approved a series of amendments regarding the creation of UCI Professional Cyclo‐cross teams.
Part V: Cyclo-cross - Rules amendments in force on 01.07.2020




The ideal number of riders taking part in a BMX Freestyle Park heat is now six instead of four, provided that the number of participants allows for this. This will give riders more time to recover between rounds and to deal with any mechanical problems.
An article has also been modified in order to clarify the requirement that all riders taking part in Park or Flatland events must hold a licence.

Part VI bis: BMX Freestyle - Rules amendments in force on 11.02.2020
Part VI bis: BMX Freestyle




The UCI Management Committee approved an amendment designed to simplify the marking of sectors and to make a clear distinction for any sector containing only one gate.

Part VII: Trials - Rules amendments in force on 11.02.2020
Part VII: Trials




The UCI Regulations have been amended to take into account difficulties encountered in receiving competition results and, therefore, creating rankings.
From now on, rankings will be calculated on the sole basis of points earned at UCI World Cup events and at the UCI World Championships and will no longer involve the Elite category of artistic cycling and cycle‐ball. A flexibility clause has been added to the paragraph concerning participation in the UCI World Cup. This clause allows the UCI to fill unused places.

Part VIII : Indoor cycling - Artistic cycling - Amendments to regulations as from 11.02.2020
Part VIII: Indoor cycling




In para-cycling, an article referring to the addition of Omnium Para and the tandem team sprint was approved by the UCI Management Committee, in accordance with the changes approved at its previous meeting.
A number of amendments and additional articles drafted in response to the reorganisation of the qualifying system for the UCI Track Cycling World Championships and the UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships were also approved, the aim being to encourage nations to take part in all the events on the international calendar and to create an even more stable race calendar.

Part IX: Para-cycling World Championships - Rules amendments in force on 11.02.2020
Part IX: Para-cycling World Championships - Rules amendments in force on 01.07.2020
Part IX: Cycling World Championships




In the interests of clarity and coherence, the table of mountain bike race incidents can now be found in Part IV of the section devoted to the discipline, as is now stated in the relevant article in Part XII.

Part XII Discipline and Procedures - Rules Amendments in force on 11.02.2020
Part XII: Discipline and Procedures




Eligibility requirements for female-to-male and male-to-female transgender athletes continue to be a topic of debate for the public, the media and athletes too.
Eligibility requirements for male-to-female transgender athletes, which will enable them to compete in the new gender category, have been developed in response to major new studies, which have helped establish a more accurate normal variation range for serum testosterone in women.
The following clarifications are reflected in the articles approved by the UCI Management Committee:

  • the maximum serum testosterone threshold is 5nmol/L continuously over a period of at least 12 months;
  • serum testosterone levels must be below 5 nmol/L for as long as the athlete wishes to compete;
  • serum testosterone levels must be determined by a benchmark method: mass spectrometry;
  • the eligibility of male-to-female transgender athletes is determined by a group of independent experts, while eligibility tests are overseen by a referring doctor appointed by the UCI;
  • National Federations are required to implement a plan enabling the identification of transgender athletes and giving them support with eligibility procedures.

Part XIII: Medical Rules - Amendments to regulations as from 01.03.2020




With regard to para-cycling, the following regulatory changes were approved:

  • cancellation of the waiting period for eligibility as a tandem rider for athletes belonging to a UCI Continental team or a UCI Women’s Team;
  • the adjusting of points in each class to enable a wider range of options in the creation of relay teams;
  • an amendment that allows riders to use the tyres of their choice; a recommended standard for wheel sizes will be published in due course to inform riders of the type of wheels provided by the neutral support service during road races;
  • the updating of the UCI points scale, in conjunction with the changes proposed in part IX regarding the new UCI World Championships qualification system.

Part XVI: Para-cycling - Rules amendements in force on 11.02.2020
Part XVI: Para-cycling - Rules amendements in force on 01.07.2020
Part XVI: Para-cycling - Rules amendements in force on 01.01.2021
Part XVI: Para-cycling




The UCI Management Committee has approved the first version of the UCI Regulations for cycling esports. These regulations apply to the discipline in general and to all the events included on the calendar, regardless of the cycling esports platform used (such as Zwift).


Cycling Esport

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