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Start List for Senior Men National Road Race Championships

Senior Mens Road Race Venue: Kilcullen, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Sunday 26th June 2016 Start Time: 10:45am
No. Surname Forename UCI Code Cat Team/Club
1 Shaw Damien IRL19840710 ME An Post Chain Reaction
2 Wilson Jack IRL19930810 ME An Post Chain Reaction
3 McConvey Connor IRL19880720 ME An Post Chain Reaction
4 Brammeier Matthew IRL19850607 ME Team Dimension Data
5 Roche Nicholas IRL19840703 ME Team Sky
6 Clancy Stephen IRL19920719 ME Team Novo Nordisk
7 Dunne Conor IRL19920122 ME JLT - Condor - Mavic
8 Macaulay Alastair IRL19890113 ME Asea Wheelworx
9 McCrystal Bryan IRL19810120 ME Asea Wheelworx
10 Reilly Christopher IRL19840913 ME Asea Wheelworx
11 Armstrong Adam IRL19870504 ME Asea Wheelworx
12 Dowling Mark IRL19860718 ME Asea Wheelworx
13 Clarke Niall IRL19820513 ME Asea Wheelworx
14 Christie Marcus IRL19910118 ME Asea Wheelworx
15 O'Connell Eoin IRL19870210 ME Killarney Cycling Club
16 Maes Richard IRL19860814 ME Killarney Cycling Club
17 Hewerdine Leigh IRL19820106 ME Killarney Cycling Club
18 Campbell Grogan Ross IRL19930906 ME Lucan Cycling Road Club
19 Killeen Ronan IRL19790719 ME Lucan Cycling Road Club
20 Farrell Robert IRL19830507 ME Lucan Cycling Road Club
21 McKinley Mark IRL19870715 ME Newry Wheelers CC
22 Sands Jude IRL19920315 ME Newry Wheelers CC
23 Farrell Rory IRL19770120 ME Newry Wheelers CC
24 McCullough Gareth IRL19770716 ME Newry Wheelers CC
25 McArdle Brian IRL19840628 ME Scott - Orwell Wheelers
26 O'Flynn Ronan IRL19800121 ME Scott - Orwell Wheelers
27 McNally Brian IRL19790601 ME Scott - Orwell Wheelers
28 Connors Odhran IRL19790725 ME Scott - Orwell Wheelers
29 Geary Bryan IRL19770508 ME Scott - Orwell Wheelers
30 Ahern Eoin IRL19880319 ME Scott - Orwell Wheelers
31 Fitzgerald Michael IRL19780417 ME STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team
32 Murray Stephen IRL19850702 ME STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team
33 Norton Paul IRL19830920 ME STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team
34 Hennebry Conor IRL19930216 ME Team Aquablue
35 Lacey Seán IRL19820407 ME Team Aquablue
36 Walsh Anthony IRL19830925 ME Team Aquablue
37 Lawlor Maurice IRL19820605 ME Team Aquablue
38 Moynihan Cathal IRL19810214 ME Tralee Manor West iBike
39 Horgan Barry IRL19900321 ME Tralee Manor West iBike
40 Slattery Ciaran IRL19830829 ME Tralee Manor West iBike
41 Breheny Joseph IRL19890620 ME UCD Cycling Club
42 Delaney Ben IRL19920325 ME UCD Cycling Club
43 Richardson Ian IRL19880113 ME UCD Cycling Club
44 Morton Eoin IRL19880913 ME UCD Cycling Club
45 Dwyer Niall IRL19860208 ME UCD Cycling Club
46 Mc Cartan Dominic IRL19791013 ME Apollo CC
47 Lavery Philip IRL19900817 ME Baguet-MIBA Poorten-Indulek-Derito Cycling Team
48 Bankhead Ryan IRL19761018 ME Ballymoney CC
49 Callanan Mark IRL19780810 ME Blarney Cycling Club
50 McIntyre Sean IRL19840620 ME Caldwell Cycles Omagh
51 Woods Paul IRL19751113 ME Carlow RCC
52 McCrory Joseph IRL19840402 ME Carn Wheelers
53 Taylor Jonathan IRL19791127 ME Carn Wheelers
54 Parks Aaron IRL19790922 ME CCT
55 McGlaughlin John IRL19830509 ME CCT
56 Fitzpatrick John O IRL19880702 ME CKR Cycling Club
57 Dolan Liam IRL19800117 ME Cuchulainn CC
58 Quigley Mark IRL19821126 ME Cunga CC
59 Moore Ciaran IRL19860711 ME De Ronde Van Cork CC
60 McCarter Darragh IRL19850923 ME Donegal Bay CC
61 Mullan Nathan IRL19931108 ME Dromara Cycling Club
62 Mc Gonagle Gareth IRL19911011 ME Dublin Wheelers
63 McDonnell Ronan IRL19780831 ME Dublin Wheelers
64 O'Regan Timothy IRL19871113 ME Dunboyne Cycling Club
65 Kavanagh Diarmuid IRL19930712 ME Dunboyne Cycling Club
66 Clifford Eoghan IRL19800826 ME Galway Bay CC
67 Murphy Ciaran IRL19810914 ME Galway Bay CC
68 O'Shea Míchéal E IRL19791102 ME Killorglin CC
69 Kinning Glenn IRL19831215 ME Kinning Cycles
70 Holland John IRL19780604 ME McNally Swords CC
71 Farrell David IRL19811230 ME MRT-Planet x-Carnac
72 Lynch John IRL19800227 ME Murphy Surveys Kilcullen CC
73 Furman Lukasz IRL19851112 ME Murphy Surveys Kilcullen CC
74 Dunne Gerard IRL19820609 ME Navan Road Club
75 Potts Marc IRL19911010 ME Neon Velo
76 Kennedy Paul IRL19800730 ME Newcastle West Cycling Club
77 Kyle David IRL19761224 ME North Tipperary Wheelers
78 McKenna Stephen IRL19771227 ME Omagh Wheelers Cycling Club
79 McFall David IRL19910319 ME Omagh Wheelers Cycling Club
80 Morgan Karl IRL19801023 ME Phoenix CC
81 Wright Jody IRL19910319 ME Phoenix CC
82 Watson Lindsay IRL19890425 ME PLUSHmtb
83 Nulty Javan IRL19930323 ME SC DE NICE JOLLYWEAR
84 Dunwoody Glenn IRL19760816 ME ShelbourneMotors / Orchard Wheelers
85 Mortimer Daragh IRL19780707 ME South Dublin CC
86 Davoust Lorcan IRL19891230 ME South Dublin CC
87 Quinn James IRL19830422 ME St. Tiernans Cycling Club
88 Greally Adam IRL19810703 ME St. Tiernans Cycling Club
89 McCullagh Matthew IRL19810622 ME Sundrive Track Team
90 Rice Martin IRL19800102 ME Sundrive Track Team
91 Kelly Aidan IRL19800826 ME TEAM BIKEWORX Celbridge
92 Butler Stephen IRL19780316 ME Team DMG
93 Sherlock Ryan IRL19820120 ME Un-Attached Leinster
94 Purcell Billy IRL19800328 ME Usher Irish Road Club
95 Millar Mark IRL19800412 ME Velo Cafe Magasin
96 O'Neill Neville IRL19791025 ME Velo Cafe Magasin
97 Kirwan Dwayne IRL19900119 ME Waterford Racing Club
98 O mahony Clinton IRL19810602 ME West Cork Cycling Crew
99 O'Malley Seán IRL19910221 ME Western Lakes CC
100 Meaney Richard IRL19810608 ME Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club
101 McGreevy James IRL19800606 ME Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club
111 Dunbar Edward IRL19960901 MU Axeon Hagens Berman
112 Mullen Ryan IRL19940807 MU Cannondale Pro Cycling Team
113 McCarthy David IRL19950315 MU JLT - Condor - Mavic
114 O'Loughlin Michael IRL19970214 MU Team Wiggins
115 Ryan Fintan IRL19960924 MU Dunboyne Cycling Club
116 Grimes Sean IRL19961124 MU Dunboyne Cycling Club
117 Tuomey Simon IRL19971212 MU Dunboyne Cycling Club
118 McDunphy Conn IRL19970203 MU Lucan Cycling Road Club
119 Trulock Dermot IRL19971107 MU Lucan Cycling Road Club
120 Sutcliffe Cian IRL19970310 MU Lucan Cycling Road Club
121 Bryan Stephen IRL19971231 MU Lucan Cycling Road Club
122 O'Brien Dylan IRL19961219 MU Team Aquablue
123 Muldoon Caimin IRL19970822 MU Team Aquablue
124 Foley Dylan IRL19951004 MU Team Aquablue
125 McKenna Sean IRL19940308 MU Team Aquablue
126 O'Callaghan Mark IRL19961125 MU Team Aquablue
127 Brody David IRL19960122 MU Team iTAP
128 Feeley Daire IRL19961204 MU Team iTAP
129 McGreehan Nathan IRL19961020 MU Team iTAP
130 Reilly Ryan IRL19960116 MU Amicale Cycliste Bisontine
131 Teggart Matthew IRL19960108 MU Amicale Cycliste Bisontine
132 Mulholland Declan IRL19970326 MU Asea Wheelworx
133 Swan Aaron IRL19970623 MU Ballymoney CC
134 Curry James IRL19971230 MU Banbridge CC
135 Moore Sean IRL19971112 MU Barrow Wheelers
136 Inglis Ian IRL19940409 MU Black Rose Racing
137 Moore Darnell IRL19960827 MU Caldwell Cycles Omagh
138 Hahessy Seán IRL19950603 MU Carrick Wheelers Cycling Club
139 Blanchfield Jamie IRL19961003 MU Carrick Wheelers Cycling Club
140 Corcoran Liam IRL19950328 MU Castlebar Cycling Club
141 McGlinchey Christopher IRL19940331 MU Chain Reaction Cycles
142 Campbell Daragh IRL19950601 MU Drogheda Wheelers
143 O'Brien Aaron IRL19941115 MU Mego Raw Cycles Racing Team
144 Yelverton Sean IRL19970125 MU Mego Raw Cycles Racing Team
145 O'Brien Graham IRL19961015 MU MRT-Planet x-Carnac
146 Chivers Andrew IRL19970425 MU North Down CC
147 O'Mahony Darragh IRL19971230 MU O'Leary Stone Kanturk
148 Fyffe Angus IRL19950121 MU Omagh Wheelers Cycling Club
149 Donaldson Gary IRL19951124 MU Omagh Wheelers Cycling Club
150 Rea Craig IRL19940316 MU Phoenix CC
151 Maguire Andrew IRL19971023 MU Rossbury Racing
152 Sheahan David IRL19941219 MU Team Osborne Meats/McCarthy Cycles
153 OCionnfhaolaidh Donal IRL19960922 MU UCD Cycling Club
154 Downey Mark IRL19960703 MU VC Toucy
155 MADDOCK JAMES IRL19940226 MU Wexford Wheelers
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