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Eventmaster Monthly Tips 1 - Bundling

Eventmaster Monthly Tips 1 - Bundling

Eventmaster Marketing

Eventmaster is the leading provider of online registration to mass participation events in Ireland. Eventmaster customers include Cycling Ireland, Skoda Series, Wicklow 200, Sean Kelly Tour, Rebel Tour, Leinster Loop, Tour de Burren, Athletics Ireland, Dublin Marathon, Dublin Marathon Series, Cork Marathon, VHI Womens Mini Marathon and many more.

As the official online registration partner for Cycling Ireland Eventmaster want to help event organisers to promote their events to increase participant numbers. Each month we will introduce a marketing function within the Eventmaster system.

This month we would like to introduce Bundling

What is bundling?

As its name suggests Bundling is the process of grouping events together in one offering at the same time to a customer.

How does it work?

Bundling works by first of all having each event setup individually on Eventmaster. Once each event is setup on the Eventmaster system then the event promoter can group events together and offer customers the opportunity to purchase any of the listed events at a bundle discount within the bundle offer. For instance you could offer €10 reduction on current full price for registering for two events within the bundle at the same time, or €15 for registering for three events etc. The discount applied is totally at the discretion of the promoter. It is important to highlight that while a promoter can sell events through the bundle they still can also sell events in a standalone method at the same time.

How will it help me sell more places for my event?

1. Bundling will help to sell more places at events as it encourages people to register for more events at one time.

2. Bundling rewards people for registering for more events at one time.

3. With Bundling a person only has to fill out their information once for multiple events which also makes the process easier.

4. By placing events together Bundling also acts as event marketing for people who knew about one event but were not aware of other events in the bundle.

Example of where bundling is being used

An example of this is the Dublin marathon series where the event organisers have a 10 Mile, a 10K and a half marathon. In this example a customer that registers for two events receives a €5 discount off the combined total price and if they buy three events they receive €10 off the total price. With bundling the customer is only asked to complete one set of details even though it is multiple events.

Click HERE to visit the page live.

All existing rules at event level such as price tranching, max capacity per event are all still factored.

Figure 1: Dublin Marathon series bundle

To find out more about bundling or to have your event setup on Eventmaster please contact: support@eventmaster.ie

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