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Case Study: Coaching Young Club Cyclists

Case Study: Coaching Young Club Cyclists

CASE STUDY: Ballinasloe CC - How You Can Use Coaching To Improve Your Enjoyment of Cycling

Ballinasloe Cycling Club started out in late 2014 and has progressed each year due to the efforts of its club members. We are a leisure club who cycle for fun and to learn the sport in a fun and inclusive way. Cycling is a technical sport and to make learning a bit easier and fun we have adopted a creative approach to delivering discussions, coaching points, and leading club events.

Some of the kids with gadgets and display board.

At each discussion, we use a display board detailing the session plans with pictures of correct technique, we use reminder stickers for the bike to prompt riders on coaching points. Over the last 2 years we have built up a selection of gadgets, mostly home made for use in training sessions and discussions.

Nutrition talk with graph, waste bin and food samples

When we put on a series of cycles we plan ahead and have a short discussion with demonstration on a cycling topic beforehand, one such discussion last year was on nutrition and hydration which was delivered to a group of novice cyclists. We used empty boxes of Coco Pops and porridge to show the difference in sugar content on the label, we then used a graph to show what happens to your blood sugar levels for each of the mentioned breakfasts. We also used homemade energy balls, cans of Red Bull, Coke and bottles of water to explain the effects of each on the body during exercise.

The “Ballinasloe Cycling Club” fuel tank drawing.

During the discussion, any items not suited to leisure cycling like coco pops and red bull were pegged into a waiting labelled bin, this created a fun atmosphere but got the point across. To explain the two main sources of fuel the body uses whilst cycling we drew out a chart with two tanks, piping with valves connected to a cyclist then explained the chart. This worked well, a picture paints a thousand words!

One of the coaching points last year was core work. Quick demo from one of the lads.

Our discussions range from core work to topics like inclusion, all which involve some form of demonstration and pictures on the display board.

For 2017 we are putting a big effort to get involved with juniors and youths and will continue with this approach for our sessions as it has proved effective.




Coaching display board.




Our lady’s day cycle using display board and creative painting on old bike.



Top tube stickers to prompt riders on coaching points.


Many thanks to Cycling Ireland for your support in getting us this far and for providing me, the coach with the training to support club development.

If you are looking for ideas, tips or information on how you can improve the education of your club members, please don't hesitate to contact us on coaching@cyclingireland.ie
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