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Bike Like Me Case Study - Aoife Kelly


Aoife Kelly

Age: 29

Province: Leinster

Discipline: Road

Club: Greenmount Cycling Academy, Limerick

What age and why did you get involved?


I have only recently discovered cycling in the past two years. I was 27 when I started and now, I’m an advocate for the benefits of cycling with my own network and group of friends.


What has been your involvement in cycling, your story?


After I signed up to compete in some Sprint triathlons, I borrowed an old bicycle from my dad and went on a few spins to train with him. I really enjoyed it! From there I started cycling recreationally and encouraged my friends to join in.


I only started cycling in 2018, and I think it is important to promote that you do not have to have fancy cycling gear to get involved. I use my dad’s second-hand male bike and will watch helpful how to videos on YouTube - like how to fix a puncture. Any of my friends who are enthusiastic cyclists have also all borrowed bikes off a friend or family member, lots of people have an old racer lying about in the garage. It is an important angle – you don’t need to be top to toe designer gear to enjoy cycling and potentially start racing.


Do you have a quote that you live by or inspires you?


Not really but I went to a Loreto Secondary School, which instilled a strong ethos of ‘do good and do it well’. Growing up the quote from Loreto founder Mary Ward was imparted onto us - Women in time will come to do much.


What is your favourite thing about cycling?


I enjoy cycling as your muscles might burn at the time of an intense workout, but once you finish your body isn’t sore after. I find with running or weights you can be achy for a few days after.


What have been your cycling highlights?


Placing 2nd female in my age category at the Portlaoise Sprint Triathlon was cool.


How do you feel cycling has benefitted you?


There are so many benefits to cycling! It’s such a versatile sport. It can be social and scenic, a convenient method of transport, and competitive. I have found an increased confidence due to cycling, as you have to be proactive, alert on the road and decisive. Cycling has made me more organised - you have to plan and research the routes you are taking, check weather in advance, and have all your equipment and bicycle checked ahead of a spin.


What would you say to other females who may be interested in cycling?


Get involved, it’s great craic and a terrific way to get fit and see some lovely scenery. Get a second-hand bike, join your local cycling club and encourage your friends and family to get involved too!

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