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Beyond Limits Documentary - Paracyclists set to feature

Beyond Limits Documentary - Paracyclists set to feature
Beyond Limits : The Next Generation follows winning Irish paralympic athletes in the year post the ground-breaking 
London 2012 Paralympic Games, and looks at the legacy of those results and the impact on the next generation of athletes 
coming forward.

With sixteen medals brought home from London, the documentary takes up the story begun in Beyond 
Limits, which was broadcast just before the 2012 Games started, and finds out what happens next for our heroic 

It looks at the impact of the London 2012 achievements in changing public attitudes to disability sport as well 
as the inspiration it has given to the next generation as they look to compete in 2016 at the games in Rio. 

The presenter is Mark Pollock, the blind and paralysed adventure athlete, who meets experienced champion Irish athletes 
who take the next generation of future sporting stars under their wing and mentor them as they look towards not just 
competing, but winning at the next Paralympics. 

Key characters featured include elite athletes and mentors to the next generation such as Catherine Walsh.

Veteran Paralympic athlete Catherine Walsh who at 39 years of age has competed at six Paralympic Games winning silver and bronze in London is the perfect ambassador for disability sport and imparts her wealth of knowledge to the also visually impaired tandem cyclist, Peter Ryan, who within the space of a year has gone from barely ever riding a bike, to competing at the UCI World Championships and World Cup in Canada.

also mentors Heather Jameson whose specialty of the long jump is a sport very familiar to Catherine, “I feel that I definitely have something to give back to people who are starting off, whether that would be in athletics or cycling or just 
paralympics sport in general”.

Athena Media is an award-winning production company led by Helen Shaw. The company makes broadcast and online 

For more information on Athena Media go to www.athenamedia.ie 
Beyond Limits : The Next Generation 
Presented by Mark Pollock.
For more information on Beyond Limits contact Rob Hope at (01) 4883352 or at 
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